[thesis] CollaborationBus Aqua: Synergies in Finding and Editing Ubiquitous Computing Configurations

Schirmer, M. and Gross, T.

Bachelor’s thesis, supervised by Tom Gross.

Abstract. With the ascent of ubiquitous computing, cooperative ubiquitous environments are becoming increasingly popular and commonly used. By facilitating communication and interaction among distributed participants of a shared information space through innovative and more natural interaction techniques, these environments leverage cooperation and collaboration between their users.

However, cooperative ubiquitous environments induce a high configuration and administration effort because they are composed of a wide range of diverse and complex components. Therefore, only especially trained and experienced system programmers and administrators are capable of configuring these environments to reflect individual scenarios and their users’ demands.

In this thesis I will introduce the concept of CollaborationBus Aqua, which aims at facilitating the configuration tasks for a cooperative ubiquitous environment in a way that end-users without programming skills may configure and create such environments on their own. A sophisticated interaction concept for a rich graphical editor puts aspects of visual programming as well as mechanisms to share configurations and explore the shared configurations of others to practice. Within the editor, the process of configuring cooperative ubiquitous environments is facilitated through familiar paradigms like drag-and-drop and the incorporation of an elegant graphical user interface.

To evaluate the concept, CollaborationBus Aqua was implemented in the form of an editor application that interfaces with a sensor-based platform for creating ubiquitous environments. The editor provides end-users with the necessary means for constructing manifold ubiquitous scenarios from the components of the sensor platform in a straightforward way. When configurations involve the similar usage of the same components, synergies emerge. These synergies are embraced and mediated through the editor. By leveraging exchange between the creators of synergetic configurations, CollaborationBus Aqua provides the basis for a novel, mediated configuration process in cooperative ubiquitous environments.